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1994-2003 Media Selections

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You’d Better Watch Out: Portland Santacon ’96

“In 1996 The Portland Cacophony Society hosted Portland Santacon ’96, the third annual Santacon event (the first two took place in San Francisco). 40 Santas from the San Francisco Cacophony Society boarded a Southwest Airlines flight to join other Cacophonist Santas from around the country who were all converging in Portland, OR.

I brought my video camera along, shooting the Santarchy as it unfolded, chronicling the non-stop cat-and-mouse game between the naughty Santas and the police.”

New York Welcomes Santa
(Santarchy, 1998)

“…yeah, right.

i knew it wouldn’t be that simple, standing on the corner, trying to hail a cab to the bar. a small child walked down the street with his mom. “hey, you guys aint santa! santa he be fat an all. you guys are all skinny. there’s only one santa, and you aint him! nyaahhh!” “fuck you kid,” i muttered under my breath. “they’re onto us, santa fuzzy.” “we’ll never catch a cab standing here” replied my intrepid yet worried friend, pjfuzzy. “this is gonna be a tough town to crack.” i had a feeling he was right…”

Merry Mayhem
(Village Voice 2003)

“Jaded New Yorkers tend to find the holidays downright depressing or, worse yet, just plain schmaltzy. Sure, the Christmas Spectacular can be a goof, but attending it more than once in a lifetime should be made a violation of city code. And since plenty of others feel the same, there’s a growing movement to make the season a time of subver-sive, sincere fun. Check it out.”

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