Santa wears a costume: Full. Head-to-toe. Holiday themed. None of that “just a hat” bullsh*t.
Santa is AWESOME to bar staff! Pay with cash… It gets chaotic when Santa comes to town.. Tip Well.. Bring ID… Santa is of legal drinking age… 
Santa gives to charity: Donate to Santa’s Charity Drive HERE.
Santa spreads JOY: Not terror. Not vomit. Not trash. Would you want those under YOUR tree?
Santa leaves no trace: Put trash/recycle into cans and clean up after your reindeer! 
Santa is about PEACE.  Not Fighting. Should you find yourself in conflict with a drunken Santa, walk away.. Just let it go… 
Santa’s nice to kids: He makes them laugh, not cry…BECAUSE HE IS SANTA CLAUS (DUH).
Santa respects the city: Santa doesn’t piss on the streets, start fights, block streets, climb on cars, or deface property.

Santa respects NYC Vaccination rules and Venues staff trying to enforce them. Please make this trying time less of a clusterf***.

Santa respects the NYPD: Police will be at every one of our stops. Respect them and do not break laws (open container, urinating in public, jaywalking, doing anything illegal!)
Santa calls the shots: When you get the tweet to move, head to the next destination and don’t linger and don’t litter.
Santa comes prepared: with comfy shoes, cash, a Metrocard, and layers of clothing for frosty winter weather. Get tips from grizzled veteran Santas HERE 
Santa stays safe: Santa does not drink more than Santa can handle. Doing so endangers Santa’s self, Santa’s friends, and the future of Santacon.
Santa is Santa! You are Santa. Santa is Santa. Santa addresses all other Santacon participants as…SANTA!