$750,000 DOLLARS

We are currently talking with several charities and projects as part of our 2021 efforts.

Below are a few of the Charities we are partnered with in the past decade:

Neighbors Together is committed to ending hunger and poverty in Ocean Hill, Brownsville and Bedford-Stuyvesant, three of the lowest-income areas in New York City. Neighbors Together serves over 80,000 meals to over 10,000 unique individuals annually.

City Harvest exists to end hunger in communities throughout New York City. We do this through food rescue and distribution, education, and other practical, innovative solutions.

Our organization originally began only delivering toys and relief items to thousands of individual families affected by Hurricane Sandy. And due to our official partnership with the NYC Marines Toys for Tots organization the past 4 years, it allowed us the ability to expand our reach to not just those affected by Sandy, but gave us the capacity to help many more children in need; whether they be children who may be stricken with childhood cancer, disabled, homeless, in a foster home or economically disadvantaged. It really opened up the possibilities for who our organization can help.

FIGMENT is a forum for the creation and display of participatory and interactive art by emerging artists across disciplines. FIGMENT began in July 2007 as a free, one-day participatory arts event on Governors Island in New York Harbor with over 2,600 participants. Since then, FIGMENT has grown significantly each year in number of projects, duration, participants, volunteers, fundraising capability, exhibitions, locations, overall level of commitment and participation, and public support.


To promote dance as an expressive and unifying art form by showcasing all forms of dance, educating the general public about the opportunities to experience dance, and celebrating diversity of dance in New York City by sponsoring a yearly city-wide dance parade and dance festival.

PrintMaterials for the Arts is New York’s premiere reuse center, providing a way for companies and individuals to donate unneeded supplies to thousands of nonprofit organizations with arts programming and public schools. We offer a wide variety of events, workshops, and classes to help people see and experience creative reuse up close.

Clowns Without Borders was founded in Barcelona in July 1993. The idea began when Tortell Poltrona, a professional clown in Spain, was invited to perform in a refugee camp in Croatia. This performance unexpectedly attracted audiences of more than 700 children, proving to Poltrona that there is a great need for clowns and entertainment in crisis situations.  He founded Clowns Without Borders to offer humor as a means of psychological support to communities that have suffered trauma.

How do I sign up for SantaCon? Donate $13 to Santa’s charity drive, and show up at the start point in a costume!

Where does my $13 go? Your money will be split between the various charities shown above, as well as local neighborhood charities along Santa’s route.

What do I get for my $13?

  • Receive a Super Duper “Santa Badge” that shows everyone you’re HO’ing for the Claus!
  • Receive SECRET INFO from “Frosty” about  where Santa is headed before anyone else!
  • Get IMMEDIATE ACCESS to RUDOLPH’S RED RAGER, and other SantaCon happenings! (details coming soon)
  • You can brag that you actually gave to charity this year
  • How do I get my “Santa Badge”?

Once you’ve donated, you will receive a confirmation from our ticketing provider and an email explaining where and when you can pick up your Badge. Santa will send you special updates about your perks as the event draws near.

  • What happened to the food drive?

It was a pain for Santa to coordinate, and also for our wonderful volunteers who had to pick up 5 tons of food from 20 different locations each year!  

Santa now helps New Yorkers in need by donating cold, hard cash to various charities! 

If all Santacon participants donate in 2021, Santa can donate some serious cash to deserving charities in NYC and worldwide.

    • This year, instead of a food drive, Santa now helps New Yorkers in need by donating cold, hard cash.
    • Hell Yeah, Santa! For your donation Santa is gonna hook you up with some extra special gifts!
    • A Super Duper “Santa Badge” that shows everyone you’re HO’ing for the Claus!
    • You can say you ACTUALLY GAVE TO CHARITY this year.
  • Priority entrance to our special venues filled with the best DJs & performers the North Pole has to offer! (’til we reach capacity)

We are accepting submission for 2021 charity partners. Contact with a suggestion.