Thank you for donating to SantaCon’s charity causes!
Lets Sleigh Santacon!


Your Santa Stamp will get you into ALL THE BIG VENUES
All you need is your email receipt to pick it up the day of the event  at any of our big venues
if you want to skip the lines, you can pick up your santa stamp a few days before the event at a specific bar/space in Manhattan. We will announce that place in late November.

Wednesday December 11
6pm – 9pm

Thursday December 12
6pm – 9pm

Friday December 13
5pm- 8pm

When you get there look for the SantaCon representative wearing the Santa costume by the door.
We will give you your secret Santa Stamp and some insider Santa information on the day’s celebration! You can pick up stamps for your friends just make sure you have their donation receipt.
Your Santa Stamp is also good for $1 off all beers at the venue on the day of pick up!
(and if you need/want to buy more Santa Stamps at the location you can)

You can also pick up your Santa Stamp on the day of Santacon at any of the following locations
(to be filled in late November)

Thank you for donating to SantaCon’s charity causes. It is truly a jolly gesture.